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Boersch & Illovsky LLP brings elite problem-solving to executives, founders, board members, and companies in government interactions, corporate internal investigations, crisis management, white collar defense, and civil disputes.  We find elegant solutions to our clients’ most vexing issues.  We advise on the creation and implementation of corporate compliance programs and remediation.  We provide vigorous representation in courtrooms and in boardrooms throughout the United States.

We help people and companies in technology, finance, and other industries.  A sample of our lawyers’ recent engagements includes work for:  a founder of one of the country’s most written-about emerging companies; a leading travel-related website; a premier medical diagnostics company; a world leader in battery technology and sustainable energy; a large utility; executives at a money center bank; one of the country’s dominant retailers; one of the world’s largest asset managers; industry leaders in cybersecurity and cloud data management; new public companies in solar power and beverage distribution; industry-disrupting startups; and state constitutional officers.

In courtrooms across the country, we represent clients in federal criminal cases, state enforcement actions brought by Attorneys General, federal and state securities cases, and other complex litigation in numerous state and federal courts.

We appreciate that our work often lies at the nexus of business strategy, public relations, technology, and politics.  We collaborate seamlessly with our clients’ consultants, inside legal teams, and other outside counsel.

Before starting this trial boutique, Martha Boersch led her own Bay Area white collar defense practice and was previously a partner in the highly-regarded international law firm of Jones Day LLP.  She has become known for her effective courtroom advocacy on behalf of clients facing serious government charges.  Eugene Illovsky worked for almost 20 years as a securities, antitrust, and white collar partner in the Bay Area at the leading global firm of Morrison & Foerster LLP.  There he developed a track record of delivering innovative legal solutions that helped protect clients’ careers and reputations.  Between them, they have handled scores of  trials and hearings before juries and judges as well as dozens of federal appeals.

Martha and Eugene have almost twenty combined years of government experience. As an Assistant U.S. Attorney in San Francisco, Martha investigated and prosecuted white collar crimes including securities fraud, organized crime, international money laundering.  She supervised the securities fraud unit and the organized crime strike force, and the Department of Justice awarded her the Attorney General’s Distinguished Service Award.  As an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Sacramento, Eugene investigated and prosecuted many kinds of white-collar offenses, from investment fraud and intellectual property theft, to political corruption and tax evasion.  The Department of Justice gave him a national award for Superior Performance, and the Attorney General and the Director of the FBI each gave him commendations.

The service philosophy of Boersch & Illovsky LLP is to deliver: creative analysis and deep legal knowledge; aggressive and innovative representation in trial; pragmatic strategies; fresh and bold tactics; the benefits of broad government and private practice experience; and personalized, efficient, and value-minded service.

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Boersch & Illovsky LLP is committed to vigorous courtroom representation and the delivery of expert advice at the highest levels.  We welcome inquiries from like-minded individuals to join us in achieving outstanding results for clients who trust us with their most serious matters.  Contact: